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All your devices from many vendors in one place. An easy and clear view of your smart network.

Registration is now avaible!

Do not change your hardware installation. Just upgrade your experience!

A user experience needs to be natural and personal. This is your space.

Your smart system layout can be organized exactly as you were using it before, just place your smart devices and sensors in your scanned space in the same place they exist.

Congratulations, you now have the beginning of a digital twin of your property!



Software collects your consumption data and create automatic reports to optimize your costs and help to manage your assets. Now you can see the live and archived data in one dashboard.



Your home is your castle
– we will help to protect it.
See the realtime preview from your IP cameras and the warnings from motions sensors. You can arm and disactivate your home security system with just one click.



Do you have trouble remembering when was the last time the roof window was opened or when was the alarm activated?
– check the history of events in your calendar. Stay always updated and use the widget to display your daily events.


We use BIM model of your home for spatial navigation, but also we give you access to your BIM data and stored information.
Do not throw away your fridge receipt from the electronic store, scan it and attach it in your BIM model. It will be always there when you need. Store all the information about your assets in one place, manage your property. Be smart, even if the device is not – You can always manage data.


Nowadays technology and SIMLAB cooperation with partnership company allows to create 3D scanned model of your apartment in less than 1 hour. From that point adding your sensors and devices from the list of IoT sensors is just formality. Just drag and drop them in the 3D model exactly in the place where they are used. Congratulations you just created Digital Twin of your home environment.


Using 4K cameras you can build photorealistic visualisation of your actual living space. Just few minutes of extra work and your SmartHome gets even more real. Do not worry about your privacy, software is password protected and not available for external users.
Navigation gets even more intuitive and is much faster than using traditional interface from your current SmartHome provider. Exchange clicking icons on your mobile using your current SmartHome interface to a real interactive 360 panoramas pictures of the home you know best.

SIMLAB Sim-On web app is still under development, but private beta and early release access is possible to select users. If interested, email us via our contact page.

If you are a property owner, real estate developer, investor, smart hardware producer, or other that wants to support better tools for property owners, we want to hear from you. Contact us!