SIMLAB Digital Twin Solutions recently expanded their presence into the Japanese market, following their participation in the Smart Manufacturing Summit by Global Industrie at Aichi Sky. Selected as one of nine European companies, SIMLAB showcased their ecosystem for building life-cycle support, aligning with their collaboration with the Nohara Group, Inc. to introduce Digital Twin technologies to the Japanese AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) community and related businesses.

The journey began with a pre-event pitch session in Nagoya, followed by a seminar in Tokyo featuring keynote speakers and sessions focusing on Digital Twin innovations. Subsequently, SIMLAB participated in the Smart Manufacturing Summit, where they presented alongside other European solutions for smart re-industrialization.

Throughout their Japanese business trip, SIMLAB engaged in exclusive events, VIP business meetings, and intense discussions on BIM (Building Information Modeling) and professional documentation for industrial facilities. Their presence at these events reflects the growing interest in Digital Twin technology in Japan and the potential for collaboration between Western innovation and Japanese technological advancements.

SIMLAB’s participation underscores the importance of Digital Twin solutions in modern industrial infrastructure management and highlights the openness of the Japanese market to external ideas. Through continuous improvement processes, SIMLAB’s software has gained enterprise-level potential, reinforcing their belief in its universal quality and its relevance in the Japanese market.