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SIM-ON multi-platform is an innovative home and facility management system. Digital twin solution which leverages Matterport model to the visual 3D interface for IoT and building automation control, assets management, and facility maintenance.

With instant web access, SIM-ON controls your personal living spaces and working environments via any computer, tablet, or smartphone. It empowers users with interactive and intelligent digital twins of their structures, leveraging a combination of 3D models of the property, real-time signals from sensors, and user-defined asset information.

An all-data container, that stores manuals, invoices, warranty cards, and service contacts in one secure place. As an official KNX IoTech solution, SIM-ON supports control of any device in KNX standard, providing an unmatched ability to bring all systems and facility equipment information into a single, spatial interface.

Empower your investment through digital and visual documentation. With STAGES, effortlessly juxtapose the current status scan with a prior version. This form of documentation eradicates doubts and uncertainties.

STAGES platform facilitates the alignment and comparison of distinct 3D property models, offering the ability to append supplementary information, among other capabilities. Should you seek to vigilantly oversee your investment, the construction process, and potential alterations throughout different phases of your project, this tailored service is your solution.

In years to come, you’ll have the ability to pinpoint the exact location of crucial installations within your walls. A simple adjustment of the time slider within STAGES will unveil both 2D information and the 3D structure of your property, spanning from the initial scan to the most recent one.