FIBARO Nice Group

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of Nice Group Poland. The purpose of our visit was to record a promotional video for our SIM-ON platform, which serves as a 3D overlay on the native Yubii application, supporting the smart device and home automation ecosystem of the Nice brand. Our host, who also participated in the recording, was Karol Drożyński from FIBARO Nice Company. Karol is well-known to Yubii users from the Nice Guy from FIBARO video series, in which he describes and explains the operation of products from the largest smart home brand in Poland.

The concept of our video is based on demonstrating the process of acquiring a 360-degree scan required to create a spatial interface in SIM-ON, as well as the integration with the Yubii Home Center hub. We also explained the additional features in our application for property management. In addition to the video material, we conducted scans of the showroom where we recorded the conversation with Karol, using them as an example to showcase the real integration and control of the displayed devices.

The showroom, known as the “Screen room,” presents a range of blinds and smart devices and also serves as a training room. The second training room, called the “Gate room,” is used for testing building automation, mainly gates and barriers. In both rooms, we conducted scans that, in addition to being used for the video, will be used for creating demonstration projects. Both projects will be made available through public links so that recipients can see the results of our work for themselves in the video.

The public links to these projects also provide access to a virtual showroom and training rooms filled with a comprehensive repository of information about the devices located there. Descriptions linking to the manufacturer’s page, instructions, catalogs, training materials – all useful information for customers or installers will be associated with the items visible in the scans. Access to this information will be possible without the need to create an account in the SIM-ON application.

We are very pleased to be collaborating with FIBARO and Nice Company on another project. The Yubii smart ecosystem was the first to be integrated as part of IoT support in our product, and we have long been able to count on the support of our partner in promotional activities. But this latest project is also the next step in expanding our integration to include Nice building automation devices. Now, we are getting to work to ensure that the video and demo projects see the light of day as soon as possible, which we will be informing you about shortly. We thank Nice Group Poland for their hospitality and support of our idea.