KNX IoT Keynote Event

We are proud to announce taking part in the KNX Keynote Event which rolls out its innovation that brings the IoT technology to its smart homes and buildings solutions. Our CEO, Marek Kozlak, sharing the stage with KNX and Schneider Electric experts, will explain the impact of KNX’s technology on SIMLAB software.

“Thanks to KNX’s IoT technology, we developed a unified communication system that uses third-party controllers like “Schneider Electric Wiser for KNX” to access each KNX supported building. Using this bridge connection, our application SIM-ON can grab information from all KNX compatible devices and their status data to display them within a beautiful 3D scan of the facility.”


Heinz Lux (CEO, KNX Association) – The future of IoT in Home and building automation

Joost Demarest (CTO, KNX Association) – The KNX IoT Technology highlights

Jesús Arias (Membership & Business Development, KNX Association)

Luís Catalán (Schneider Electric) – 1st Device KNX IoT already Available

Marek Kozlak (CEO, Simlab) – 1st KNX IoT Solution 

Casto Cañavate (Marketing Team Leader, KNX Association) – The KNX IoT Program

KNX Keynote Event will be held on 5th April at 10 am (Brussels time).

Save the date and be on time:

KNX is a global Smart Home industry leader present in 190 countries. From the very beginning, SIMLAB’s membership within the association was a strategic move to grow and expand our proposal on a global scale. Forming part of the KNX community is an opportunity to introduce our digital twin solutions to the IoT global market.