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SIMLAB Resellers & Service providers

We have our first resellers distributing SIMLAB products. Our goal is to built a global distribution network based on Matterport Service Providers. Customers can ask for proffesional scanning and get access to our products through cooperation with MSP in their region.

If you provide Matterport service, join the group today and expand your offering with our innovative digital twin solutions. We have transparent terms of cooperation, support in product implementation, and provide marketing content to use in your communication.

We have transparent terms of cooperation. Reseller offers SIMLAB’s products
using dedicated code to their clients and potential users to define who has
registered and is using SIMLAB solutions coming from Reseller.

A dedicated code allows new registering users to receive a discount of 50%
on the payment for SIMLAB’s products for the first 3 months. Reseller sends an
invoice to SIMLAB for the value of 30% of the actual revenue that SIMLAB has
received quarterly from registered users through the dedicated code.

Check the draft of the agreement.

Please see if this document is interesting to you, there are no specific obligations from our side, so we think that becoming a reseller of STAGES and SIM-ON should be an easy decision if you already provide Matterport services.

We can talk about exclusive conditions for selected regions. Please, contact us for details.

We will do our best to support you in growing your business with SIMLAB solutions.

We are open to individual online meetings to go further with our cooperation.

Recording of product presentation for Matterport Service Providers is now available on our YouTube channel: