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SIM-ON platform for KNX professionals

We recommend our digital twin IoT solution for remote control of KNX systems, in the navigable, 3D interface, with instant access via browser. 

In 2022, SIM-ON was chosen by KNX Association as an official KNX IoTech solution, becoming the first interface in connection of KNX native systems with the Internet of Things. In addition, SIM-ON provides a broad spectrum of features for property management. 

SIM-ON provides:

  • KNX IoTech standard integration for web access to building automation
  • Data container for all assets related to hardware, interior, and any equipment
  • Tasks manager with events planner, for property maintenance and communication 

This is an excellent opportunity to expand your offer with an innovative and attractive spatial interface working on top of KNX installation. It also brings an opportunity for additional service, when you will go back to your customers to set integration with our app. 

If you are KNX professional, and you want to:

  • go back to your customers
  • get revenue from additional services
  • offer unique on the market, innovative solution

We encourage you to learn more details about SIM-ON platform: 

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