SIM-ON at CES 2024 in Vegas

We’re excited to showcase our innovative transition of all facility assets into cutting-edge Digital Twin management systems. Discover the future of digital integration with us. Visit us for a glimpse into tomorrow’s technology today! Find us at KNX Association booth!

Jan. 9-12, Las Vegas
62659 – Eureka Park
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SIMLAB provides a versatile Digital Twin platform, harnessing the Matterport model to create a dynamic 3D visual interface. SIM-ON integrates seamlessly with IoT and building automation systems, enabling effective asset management and facility maintenance. SIM-ON is an official KNX IoT solution for residential and commercial sectors.

CES is one of the largest and most influential events in the technology industry, showcasing a wide range of consumer electronics and technology innovations. The show covers a diverse range of technology sectors, and attracts exhibitors from around the world, ranging from established tech giants to startups. CES provides a platform for professionals, journalists, and enthusiasts to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. The event serves as a barometer for the direction of the tech industry and often sets the tone for the year’s technological trends.

Get a sneakpeak of our Digital Solution watching new SIM-ON Reel for CES 2024: