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Digital Twin next-generation BMS for all NETx customers

NETxAutomation and SIMLAB have joined forces to integrate software packages and bring you the next-generation BMS system.

SIM-ON platform empowers NETxAutomation system with innovative DigitalTwin technology. NETxAutomation software gained spatial coverage based on a top-notch reality capture standard delivered by global leader Matterport. SIM-ON works on top of these realistic, navigable 360 spaces, transforming traditional 2D dashboards into interactive digital twins. 
Supporting all vendors integrated by NETxAutomation, creates a new experience of building automation control. Navigable, immersive 3D interface expands BMS essential function with facility management features, such as alert notifications, maintenance scheduling, tasks manager, documentation storage, and more.

The new NETx Cloud Portal and NETx IoT Cloud Interface made connecting the SIM-ON solution quickly and efficiently possible.