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A perfect tool for storing your building’s information

Golden Thread plays a pivotal role in the new building safety regime in Great Britain. The information management pattern allows stakeholders to understand a building and the steps needed to keep both the building and people safe, now and in the future.

The Origin of Golden Thread

The Grenfell Tower fire, a tragic incident in West London, claimed 72 lives due to the rapid spread of fire caused by outdated, flammable exterior cladding. The failure of the building’s fire safety measures during the unprecedented incident highlighted the urgent need for stricter building safety regulations. After the Grenfell Tower incident, Dame Judith Hackitt conducted an independent review of building regulations and fire safety in 2018. The review highlighted concerns in the construction of High Rise Residential Buildings (HRRBs), including inadequate resident engagement, lack of competence among construction personnel, and general awareness gaps. The report proposed recommendations to address these issues and prevent future disasters.

The implementation of Golden Thread

The Golden Thread advocates for the utilization of structured digital storage to enhance the accessibility, accountability, and transparency of information throughout the entire lifespan of the building. It applies to buildings at least 18 meters high or with at least 7 storeys during design, construction, and occupation. It includes care homes and hospitals meeting the same height threshold. Duty holders are legally responsible for maintaining the golden thread during design and construction, while an Accountable Person oversees safety during the occupation in higher-risk buildings. The concept of the “golden thread of information” pertains to comprehensive data concerning a building’s management and safety. It encompasses two key aspects:

  • Detailed safety-related information regarding the building.
  • Effective management and organization of this information.

To overcome new requirements, and challenges they may pose, built-world professionals have to change their approach how to consider building safety. Information needs to be used to design, construct and then operate buildings safely. It requires historic versions of documents to be included and stored using the methodology and approach as set out in the approved guidance. Information has to be passed down throughout the complete lifecycle of the building. The focus is on meeting the “Gateway” responsibilities rather than legacy, and existing stock. This approach needs affirmation of the “digital first” requirements. Technology is key, bringing a tool to manage buildings as “holistic” systems.

The building’s information must be:

  • kept digitally
  • kept securely
  • a building’s single source of truth
  • available to people who need the information to do a job
  • available when the person needs the information
  • presented in a way that person can use 

Empowering the Golden Thread with Seamless Software 

With STAGES powered by Matterport, establishing the golden thread on projects is simple. SIMLAB’s construction monitoring software digitizes information management, consolidating compliance data in one location. STAGES serves as a reliable source of truth, providing real-time updates and a digital twin audit trail. Standardized workflows and quality assessments ensure adherence to safety standards. Implementing the Golden Thread principles with STAGES improves accountability, compliance reporting, and construction practices.

  1. A fully accountable, easily accessible digital information trail

By harnessing the power of STAGES, construction professionals can create a fully accountable digital trail of information that is easily accessible whenever needed. Gone are the days of sifting through paperwork or struggling to find critical project data buried in email exchanges. With STAGES, the Golden Thread becomes a seamless reality.

  1. Consolidating compliance data in one location

One of the critical advantages of STAGES is its ability to consolidate compliance data in one centralized location. Say goodbye to the headache of managing scattered documents and disconnected information sources. STAGES digitizes information management, simplifying processes, and ensuring all project and safety-related data is stored in a single, secure platform.

  1. Singular source of truth, reliable and accurate record of all project activities

As the hub of the Golden Thread, STAGES acts as a reliable and real-time source of truth. It effortlessly stores, manages, and updates execution data, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information at any given moment. This interconnected system transforms the way project activities are tracked, monitored, and recorded.

  1. Simplifying the tracking of safety-related information, granting on-demand access to historical project data

STAGES also provides digital twin audit trail, revolutionizing the tracking of safety-related information. Trades and teams can easily report their progress, generating a comprehensive record of project activities. From executing companies and QA assessments to responsible parties, Matterport 360 spaces, 3D models, comprehensive notes, multi-media attachements, and PDF reports – the digital twin audit trail in STAGES captures every vital detail. This invaluable resource extends over time, offering on-demand access to historical project data vital for claims management and analysis.

  1. Standardized activities and workflows in maintaining building safety standards.

Furthermore, STAGES empowers standardized activities and workflows, reinforcing adherence to building safety standards. Create and implement standardized sequences of work, ensuring consistency and efficiency across projects. Predefined quality assessments (QAs) establish clear requirements for trades, prompting them to provide relevant information and digital twin evidence before sign-off. This rigorous approach elevates standards and creates a robust foundation for building safety.

  1. Enhanced accountability, streamlined compliance reporting

By embracing the Golden Thread principles through STAGES, construction projects unlock a new era of accountability, streamlined compliance reporting, and standardized workflows. Discover the transformative power of STAGES and revolutionize the way you manage information, ensuring a safer, more efficient, and transparent construction process. Visit to learn more and embark on a new era of construction excellence.

Global trends in safety regulations

In response to the 2017 fire at London’s Grenfell Tower, the Building Safety Act and the implementation of the Golden Thread concept guidelines were established. However, authorities in various countries are not waiting for tragic incidents to occur before taking action to introduce enhanced safety standards. Many European countries share a similar concern for the well-being of buildings and their occupants. Currently, the Netherlands and Spain are in the process of implementing new regulations, and it is inevitable that such measures will be adopted by all societies that prioritize the safety standards of construction, maintenance, and habitation.

Traditionally, the construction industry has been the least digitized sector of the economy. Nevertheless, there is a growing awareness among construction companies, leading to a demand for modern tools that facilitate digital documentation. The integration of standards supported by new technologies is only a matter of time. Currently, the STAGES platform is a readily available solution that caters to the requirements of building owners who are obligated to comply with the new regulations.