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Get to know our products

Get to know our products

Digital Experience For Every Property


IoT Devices

And Mainteinance

Simple Asset Management

You are in full control of your space! SIM-On allows you to map and control devices in real time in full 3D view.

Your smart system layout can be organized exactly as you were using it before, just place your smart devices and sensors in your scanned space in the same place they exist.

IoT Devices Control

SIM-On provides synchronization with many vendors simultaneously in one place – which not only saves time but makes managing your smart home more pleasing and effortless.

Visual presentation of device activity and settings for maximum efficiency.

Scheduling and Maintainance

      • – Schedule and manage facility maintenance
      • – Real-Time facility inspection in full 3D
      • – Build your individual timeline activity graphs
      • – Link to your favourite news and windows widgets

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STAGES - Construction Monitoring
& Communication Platform

Monitor Construction
with Timeline Feature

Time travel through scans – Stages allows easy viewing and comparison of sequential scans of any property at any frequency or interval. Remotely monitor progress from anywhere.

Notes as a tool of communication

Create, share and store notes! This tool enables you to add notes as well as comment on the changes taking place on the construction site, and all this online, on any device.

Collecting Data

Stages makes storing every detail about you property as easy as it can be! Everything in one secure place always available when you need it.

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