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FINAL of the

Announcement of the winning project
for the best Matterport Time-lapse

1st prize: New iPad

We have a winner!

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Scanpix Electric Kft. Hungary – Coffee shop

The first prize – a new iPad -  goes to Scanpix Electric Kft from Hungary for a project presenting a cat-friendly coffee shop! Congratulations!

During the 3 months of our contest, we received access to many contest projects on the STAGES platform. Entries came in from all over the world: e.g. Costa Rica, Mexico, Uganda, and New Zealand, which shows the global expansion of Matterport technology. They depicted the process of change in facilities of different scales and purposes.

Someone simply captured the effect of cleaning an apartment, while someone else showed the stages of a major construction project. That was exactly our goal! We wanted to show that STAGES is a tool that can be useful at many levels for building, renovating, or maintaining a property.

Selected contest projects

Metacorp Ltd. New Zealand – Family house 

Maarifasasa Limited Uganda – Office

Fotos360cr Costa Rica – Apartment

Vision360MX Mexico – Building construction

When contest projects evaluating, we were mainly guided by two aspects: how the changes in the property were captured and how accurately the scans were synchronized. In many cases, the authors succeeded in conveying a seed of some story behind the site. This overall impression, that the place had been given new life, allowed us to select the winner.  


Once more we thank all participants!

All of you receive a free one-year subscription to the PRIVATE USE license. Details will be announced in the official newsletter, so check your mailbox.


About Timeline feature

Timeline is a unique feature on STAGES platform for Matterport users and AEC industry, which allows the creation of a project with Matterport scans synchronization. Each scan is a component that shows a specific stage of the construction or renovation process. The alignment of stages creates Timeline through project history.

How to take part
in the contest?

Set contest project

Register or Log in to STAGES application:
Set the Contest Project.

Sync min 2 scans

Make the synchronization of minimum 2 Matterport scans of the facility. Use ready scans, or make new ones. New scans can be made with a professional Matterport scanner or your smartphone.

Share the project

By giving access permission to the user profile in STAGES or sending a video of your screen capture that shows scans time-lapse.


Address for access permissions and emails with links to videos:

Terms of STAGES contest:



SIMLAB and Matterport jury decide which project is most interesting and technically well made.



The prize for the best project is the
new iPad 10’2.

All participants get access to the full version of the application for the next 12 months.


Projects should be sent by the end of August 2022 by giving permissions in STAGES or sending videos on:

To choose the best project we will evaluate:


If you have scans already made, you can show the whole creation process, from brick walls to a covered table in the living room. If you are in the middle of construction or renovation just capture the current stage and keep going to catch the miracle of facility transformation. If your space is ready for a living, you can play with its interior design, place funny gadgets, set different lights, or ask persons (and pets!) to pose to your scans.

Despite that the choice of interesting property does matter, you can still get the attention of jury with a history timeline of your garage or room in the dormitory. The point is to tell some story about the place, so let your creativity do the job!

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